Short answer, no. However, we have all seen photos or heard rumors about offices like Google or Facebook. We all have that friend who works for a company that has kombucha on tap, catered brunches and a giant coffee machine that makes sugar free almond milk cappuccinos.

Unfortunately, most offices don’t have the budget or time to invest in an HR department that can provide bean bag chairs or nap pods for their employees. In fact, ninety percent of companies in the U.S. have less than twenty employees, and probably no HR department at all. The reality is that buying your way into company culture can work for some, and it might work for a while, but what happens when the employees need something more than material satisfaction?

The founders or CEO of a company creates a path that the company and its employees follow. The company’s culture is a mentality and a lifestyle that begins at the top of the ranks. Despite modern workplace trends, company culture goes beyond stand up desks and in-house gyms. The boss can do so much more than purchasing toys for your employees in order to mold a company into a space that people enjoy and thrive off of.

There is a strong dichotomy between the office environment of large tech companies, and really, everybody else. A boss can and should make an active decision to bridge this gap by implementing a system to promote a positive and proactive company culture.

There are really only two ways to build a sustainable culture. First, management needs to create an environment where people do not get punished for bold ideas or sharing their opinion, but, once the decision is made, both sides need to commit to the outcome. Second, and the core theme of this post is the fact that positivity from the top trickling down to the bottom is the only way to build a sustainable and proactive company culture.