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We’ve been honestly surprised at the positive impact Assembly made in team camaraderie. The unique insight into who is positively impacting their colleagues and ultimately the company has been invaluable!

BloomNation Customer Testimonial
CEO & Co-Founder

Assembly has been instrumental in not only reinforcing our company culture of teamwork and collaboration, but also in encouraging and incentivizing people to go the extra mile to achieve a common goal.

Inc Technologies Customer Testimonial
Chief Technology Officer
Inc Technologies

Assembly has made an amazing impact on SteelHouse. Our team’s compassion for one another has skyrocketed. It’s a great reminder for them to know that not only are they valued as individuals, but their actions and hard work are appreciated!

Steelhouse Customer Testimonial
VP, Head of People, Culture & Entertainment

Grow and sustain your culture

Recognition results in better decision making

The more focus on acknowledging a team member’s hard work, the happier and more committed they’ll be to the team’s goal and mission. Giving visibility to everyone’s contributions makes the acknowledgement more impactful.

Team members standing near a trophy exemplifying good decision making.
An example of the Assembly slack integration and how to use it.

A seamless and easy to use Slack integration

Concerned about “yet another tool"? We get it. Our Slack integration enables Assembly’s features right within Slack. Team members can give and receive recognition right within a channel of your preference.

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  • 1 to 10 team members
  • 3 months of message history
  • Custom culture rewards
  • Unlimited team members
  • Up to 3 apps & integrations

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  • Everything in STANDARD, plus:
  • >100 team members
  • International gift card rewards
  • VISA reward card
  • Premium customer support

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